Friday, April 12, 2013

A Message to the Anarchist

Leo Tolstoy proposes a world in which people live in self government without the state:  anarchism.  He suggests in his book, The Kingdom of God is Within You, that this will occur when individuals of sufficient numbers awaken to the light of self rule and fly away like bees, one-by-one, from the swarm of those given presently to the state conception of life.  I do not know if this will be possible in the long run, but society is clearly moving in the wrong direction now, with tracking devices, mechanisms and feelers out for everything we do or think.

Mahatma Gandhi envisions a "village republic" with a kind of Quaker agreement on every issue.  If a football stadium is to be built in the village, then those who do not vote for the tax do not have to pay the tax.  If a road is to be paved, those who do not vote for the road pavement, do not get a paved road at their home or business; or, it is decided to be paved by others who desire that section of the road be paved.  This seems much more libertarian than Tolstoy.

It seems to me that Tolstoy's anarchism (self government) is a long way away from our present world, but the Gandhian Libertarian approach seems to be the next realistic step in the progression of civilization.  I do not think the powerful will simply awaken to give all their power away, so the election of libertarian minded people is the next logical step, those who would dismantle the state from its present level of intrusiveness.

As I am not any great success in business or hold any special degree or distinction, I can say that my running for office is out of the question.  But I encourage other libertarian minded to run and win.  I will vote for you and support you.

Gene Chapman